Desert biomes near Wadi Rum, Jordan
of land area
of global population
of food calories
of key biodiversity areas
of protected areas
of carbon storage

Arid rocky or sandy environments with sparse vegetation

The desert and barren biome is characterized by arid, dry, and hot climate with sparse vegetation, and is mainly dominated by sand and rock formations. These biomes are found in regions with minimal rainfall, usually less than 250 mm per year, and their distinctive features include succulent plants, cacti, and drought-adapted animals. The barren biome is defined as areas that lack vegetation or have soil conditions that are unfavorable for plant growth. These biomes are typically located in extreme environments such as high altitudes, polar regions, or areas with harsh weather conditions, such as frequent storms, cold temperatures or heatwaves. Barren biomes include rocky mountains, tundra, ice-covered lands, and even urban areas that have been stripped of their natural vegetation. // The desert and barren biome occupies the third largest percentage of land area compared to the eight biomes, contributing the third largest percentage of protected area and the fifth largest percentage of key biodiversity area. This biome contributes the lowest percentage to vegetated carbon storage and the third lowest percentage to global food calories.

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Desert biomes near Wadi Rum, Jordan,_Jordan.jpg © Vyacheslav Argenberg /, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons