St. Johann, Pongau, Austria
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Rangelands with substantial human populations

The residential rangeland anthrome is used for grazing livestock (≥20% grazing land) in areas with substantial human populations, settlements, and structures (10≤ persons per square kilometer < 100). Within the rangeland anthrome class, residential rangelands have the highest population percentage and food caloric production while also representing the smallest land area, protected area, and key biodiversity area. Overall, this anthrome ranks eight out of the twenty anthrome classes for both global population percentage and land area percentage. Residential rangelands rank eleventh out of twenty for percentage of protected area and ninth out of twenty for percentages of key biodiversity area and caloric production. Residential rangelands store the eighth highest percentage of carbon compared to the other anthrome classes.

Featured image attribution:
St. Johann, Pongau, Austria 2014 Thomas Quine, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons