Welcome to the New Anthroecology Site!

After more than 20 years at, we now have a new home at We are now The Anthroecology Lab, changed from the Laboratory for Anthropogenic Landscape Ecology.

The old site served us well over the years, but it used old web technology, and though we still study the ecology of anthropogenic landscapes, our focus on anthromes and anthroecology research makes anthroecology a better fit to the full range of our research work.

Our new site now includes searchable publications, information about our projects and the people who work in the lab and our alumni. We have also moved the anthromes home page to the our new site.

Big thanks to Pete Land at Tamarack Media and Alicia Sabatino for their hard work on this!

Please have a look over the new site- and let us know if you notice anything amiss- or anything you’d like to discuss further!