Jared Margulies

Ph.D., Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2017
MSc, University of Oxford, 2010
BA, Goucher College, 2008

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My past research has focused on biodiversity conservation within agricultural landscapes, previously conducting research within the heavily-modified tea plantation landscape of the Nilgiris District in Tamil Nadu State, India. At UMBC, I am looking to refine my research within the context of the Lab for Anthropogenic Landscape Ecology and ask questions related to the persistence of biodiversity within agricultural landscapes and other human-managed ecological systems. To approach this research, I use both qualitative as well as quantitative social and ecological research methods to address how people manage landscapes and what impacts land use decisions can have on biodiversity patterns and processes.

Alumni: 2012-2017; GES

Related Publications

Margulies, Jared D.. 2017. Unruly Animals: multispecies politics and the governing of wildlife state space. Doctoral dissertation, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Margulies, Jared D.; Karanth, Krithi K.. 2018. The production of human-wildlife conflict: A political animal geography of encounter. Geoforum 95: 153-164.
Margulies, Jared D.. 2018. The conservation ideological state apparatus. Conservation & Society 16(2): 181-192.
Margulies, Jared D.; Magliocca, Nicholas R.; Schmill, Matthew D.; Ellis, Erle C.. 2016. Ambiguous Geographies: Connecting Case Study Knowledge with Global Change Science. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 106(3): 572-596. [Download PDF]